I’ve never…

met an athlete that wanted to be average


The difference is in the coaching


Jeff Miller, B.S., ACSM, IYCA

For more than 20 years I have helped give athletes the edge to succeed in sports and life. I have always been involved in sports and training. It has truly been my calling and I feel blessed to make a difference in the lives of the youth athletes whose journeys I get to be part of.

Youth sports is such an integral part of the lives of so many families and every parent wants the best for their child. I believe that sports is great not only for the competition but for the values & skills it teaches our youth. Hard work, focus, determination, resilience, team work and structure. I love to see athletes experience the joy that comes from success and hard work. I also love to see them experience the heart break that comes from the challenges of sports. All things that help them improve as athletes and develop into outstanding adults.

Personally, I am blessed to have an amazing wife, Rebecca, and 4 amazing children; Anthony (23), Caitrin (6), Landry (4) and Carys (3). We have spent most of our lives in the Pacific NW and only recently relocated to Round Rock, Texas. I am looking forward to becoming part of the community and am excited to raise my children in Central Texas.

Give me a chance to do what I do and I think you will be amazed. The results will speak for themselves and it will be noticeable.